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How do I set up my development environment?


To develop Android applications, you need to have the following software installed on your computer:

1. Java Development Kit (JDK) SE (or EE) Version 7
2. Android SDK
3. Bori

Installation process

The basic installation process follows these steps:

The JDK 7 is available for download at http://www.oracle.com. Sometimes the download page moves, so it is more convenient that you search 'JDK 7' on the web. The Java EE platform provides an environment for large scale development. If you are just to make an Android application, you don't need EE. Just download SE and install it.

The Android SDK is available for download at https://developer.android.com/sdk/.
Important! - don't download Android Studio.
To develop applications with Bori, you don't need it. Just go down the page to reach 'SDK Tools Only'. You will find SDK installer for Windows. Download and install it.

After installing the Android SDK, you can find 'SDK Manager.exe' in the SDK folder. Execute the program to download and install specific Android platform versions and other components you might use, including the documentation, sample applications, USB drivers and additional tools.

At least, you need to have the following software installed:

Android 4.4.2 (API 19)
Tools/Android SDK Tools
Tools/Android SDK Platform-tools
Tools/Android SDK Build-tools
Extras/Google USB Driver
Intel x86 Emulator Accelarator (only for using emulator)

If you use emulator while you develop your applications, follow this step. If you don't use emulator, just jump to process 6.
Go to Android SDK folder and find 'intelhaxm-android.exe' in the sub folder 'extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager'. Run the executable to install accelarator for emulator.

Go to Android SDK folder, run 'AVD Manager.exe' to create some emulators.

If you are going to develop and test applications with handsets, search drivers for the handsets and install them.

Download Bori.zip and unzip the file. Bori doesn't need installation, so just move the unzipped package to the palce you like.

Run the Bori4.exe which is in the package. Choose menu 'Others/Set Build Path...' and set the paths of JDK and Android SDK.

Now you are ready to start. Download some examples and see how projects work.