Input, output

  • Simple.zip
    gets data with EditText and displays it on the screen.

  • SaveName.zip
    gets data with EditText and stores it with SharedPreferences.

  • ShowToast.zip
    shows how to display a quick little message without stopping the process.

  • EditMulti.zip
    has multiple EditText views. Study each view's styles and event handler.


  • Check_Radio.zip
    shows how to use CheckBox and RadioButton.

  • ShowImage.zip
    shows 3 ways to display an image.

  • ListSimple.zip
    adds text in ListView and display the data when items are clicked.

  • ListSimpleChoice.zip
    shows how to use ListView's CHOICE_MODE_SINGLE and CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE.

  • ShowWeb.zip
    shows how to show Web pages using WebView widget.

  • ShowWebLocal.zip
    shows how to dispaly local html files in the assets folder and how to handle the url clicked inside the WebView.


Using activity callbacks

Transitioning between activities with Intents


  • CatchImage.zip
    shows how to receive an image from other applications.

  • CatchText.zip
    shows how to receive a text from other applications.