Lecture 1 - Getting started

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About the Course

This course provides a thorough introduction to the Android platform and techiques for programming Android application for students who have basic skill in Java programming.

15 lectures (14 Sep 2015 - 21 Dec 2015)
Class A - Monday 8:00 - 9:50 / Class B - Monday 13:30 - 15:20
Room F204
Lecturer: Kim Sangdeuk


Using English

I will teach you in English. Why? Of course, I only know a few words of Vietnamese. So I can not teach you in Vietnamese.

But there are some other reasons. Not for me, but for you.

These days the world is getting smaller and smaller. You can fly to any country in a day. You were born and have lived in Vietnam until now. It doesn't mean you should live in Vietnam forever. The world is big. There are so many places where you can go and so many companies where you can apply and work for. If you only speak Vietnamese, you will have fewer chances. If you can speak English, you will have much more chances.

We are in the IT industry. In this industry, the base language is English. When you write codes, you write them in English. When you read manuals or get some information through Internet, you may read the texts in Vietnamese. But texts in English are much much more. Actually almost sources are written in English. Even when you read the information texts about Android programming through Internet, almost pages are written in English.

So, if you really want to be a programmer, I strongly recommend that you study English hard. And don't give up this course because of English. If you can not hear or understand what I say, raise your hand and ask me to explain it easily. And if you really don't understand, ask your Vietnamese assistant teacher to explain for you.

Why do we study Android application programming?

Why do we study? Some people would say they study because they like studying. But almost everyone studies to get better chances like good job or money.

Is it necessary to study programming Android application? You might say 'I'm already studied programming on Windows or Linux platform, So I think it is enough'.

Is it true? You know? We are in the technology industry. Technologies are changing very quickly. Even today you can search some new technologies. And the technology market changes continuously.

Let's see how the market changes and grows.

Look at global device shipments. For the two decades through 2005, the personal computer was the only game in town, selling about 200 million units a year. But then smartphones and tablets came along. And now they dwarf the PC market. For 7 years from 2005, the market grew 6 times bigger. But personal computers grew only 1.5 times. In 2015, smartphones and tablets has two thirds of the market share.

Just simply saying, PC is dead.

Now, why Android? You might say, 'I like iPhone' or 'I have Nokia'. Let's see the next chart.

How big is the Android market?

In 2014, Google's Android mobile operating system has a 80.2% share of all users globally. Apple's iOS has 14.8%. Microsoft's Windows Phone has just 3.5%. In IDC's forecast for 2018, the situation will not change a lot.

So, my question to you is that why not learn programming Android application.

What tools do we use in this class?

To make Android applications, we need some software installed.

1. Java SDK
Android platform is not made with only Java. Its core is made with C/C++. But it mainly supports the application developers with Java. You need Java version 7 or higher.

2. Android SDK
Android SDK has main libraries and extra tools.

3. Build Tool
There are many build tools for Android platform.
Android Studio (not in this class)

Programming practice

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